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Ready to Invest in Your Career?

Why Lisa? Lisa has been on every side of the equation:  recruiter, hiring manager, HR director, and job seeker.  She  knows your pain, your frustration, your striving for MORE and BETTER.  She knows what it takes for you to advance even further than you dared to dream before.  With Lisa’s help, YOU can make this happen.  It is fundamentally important to Lisa to connect you to your calling, to help you take the long view… because you really are worth it. Let’s do this.  Right now.

LAUNCH your job search in just 7 days

If you are serious about igniting your career and need a partner to launch your success, you need Lisa. You will benefit from her personal attention to your career goals and marketing materials. She will tell you exactly what you need to move forward and get results. Get your Keys to Success now.

Get the Help You Need TODAY

Why wait? Continuing to do what you've been doing up until now isn't going to suddenly start generating desired results... and you know it.

Lisa takes a no-nonsense approach to moving your career forward. If you are getting in your own way, she'll tell you. If your resume is already in great shape but you need to get out of your comfort zone to drive real results, she'll tell you that, too.

Not Ready Yet?

If you're not ready to get professional career help or wish to remain a "do-it- yourselfer" in your job search you should, at the very least, take advantage of Lisa's Do-It-Yourself Kit.

Lisa Mauri Thomas, M.S. is a top-recommended job search strategist and resume writer on LinkedIN. With over 60 public recommendations, Lisa is consistently rated as "highly impactful", "amazing", "clearly an expert in her field" and is noted for having "made all the difference" in the career progression of men and women in key positions across multiple industries.

Lisa Mauri Thomas is available for speaking engagements by appointment and for radio interviews on short notice.




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