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Keys To Success

You made the right choice. Lisa will galvanize your resume and cover letter around a concrete goal in the most professional light, bring your LinkedIn profile to life, and advise you very clearly on what you need to do going forward. With Lisa’s personal attention and expertise, you will command the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.*

  1. Please take a moment to gather the following materials which Lisa will need to get started:

    •  Electronic version of your resume in Word or PDF – it doesn’t have to be pretty, just current

    •  Electronic version of a sample cover letter you’ve used recently – if you have one

    •  Electronic copies or URL links to 2 or 3 job postings of interest – they should be similar in nature and represent your desired short-term career goal (in other words, provide an example of a job posting that you are qualified to do and is of real interest to you)

  2. Provide payment. The Keys to Success package is $750.00 USD. This includes:

    •  Complete overhaul of your resume - fully editable by you to make quick and easy customizations for any similar position of interest

    •  Brand new cover letter sample, geared for success, and specific to one of the job postings you provide

    •  Custom cover letter “template” designed just for you to use for any position of interest going forward

    •  Strategic versioning of your LinkedIn profile to command attention

    •  60 minute phone or Skype consultation with Lisa who will personally advise you on how to take charge of your career going forward

  3. Paypal will immediately route a receipt to you and Lisa will personally contact you to discuss next steps and walk you through the process. Within 1 week, you will:

    •  Receive all materials prepared for you and be fully educated on how to use them easily

    •  Feel smarter, stronger, and faster – professionally speaking

    •  Be ready to take your career to the next level.*

      It’s that easy. And let’s face it – you don’t have time to do it any other way.

      Have questions? Not sure what you need?
      Simply purchase a 30 minute consultation, send an email to the address below with your phone number, time zone, and the best time to reach you, and Lisa will contact you promptly.

      *Results are likely but not guaranteed.

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