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Ken Winters, CEO & Founder, Staffback
“I met Lisa [many] years ago and our conversations continue to be most productive. Lisa truly understands where job-seekers are coming from; the frustrations they face in the current job market, the challenges of navigating the “closed door” recruitment system of many companies, and how difficult it is to make sense of often conflicting career advice from all the “experts” out there. Her dedication to and advocacy of jobseekers around the globe is genuine and truly beneficial. Lisa is a true career expert. I look forward to continuing our business relationship for many years to come!”

Michael Numa, Senior Corporate IT Sales
“Lisa is a gifted writer and career coach! Her expertise in the areas of resume and cover letter writing in addition to job search strategies, will certainly assist me in securing my next career opportunity. Lisa is a very personable and creative individual and has a high degree of integrity. I highly recommend Lisa for her services!”

Lori Campbell, Visionary Gerontologist and author of “Awaken your Age Potential: Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers”
“Have you been applying for job positions that you may or may not be qualified for, but definitely not passionate about? You might want to check in with Lisa! Lisa is a professional who was in tune to my personal needs and took the initiative to help make my passion become a reality. Originally, I contacted Lisa to update my resume and cover letter to apply for a specific job position. Reading through the revised resume/cover letter I realized even though I was qualified for the position, the job did not resonate with who I am or what I am passionate about. Lisa's diverse professional background and the complimentary expertise of her partner helped me develop my website and start my business; ultimately she connected me to my passion.  Lisa not only "cheers on your successes" but helps to make them happen!”
~Lori Campbell, Visionary Gerontologist and author of “Awaken your Age Potential: Exploring Chosen Paths of Thrivers”

Jennifer Yndestad-Lawler, Account Executive, Technology Sector
“The very best decision I've made in regards to my current job search was to hire Lisa. She did an amazing job revitalizing my resume and approach to cover letters. I was thrilled with the end results and pleased with Lisa's high level of HR expertise. Her strategies guide eBook is packed with valuable information and makes moving forward with my job search a far less daunting task. Lisa is personable, knowledgeable and has a genuine interest in the success of her clients. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Bobby Gipson, Recruiter
“I met Lisa through LinkedIn. She contacted me to get my experience, insight about different industries. I appreciated the fact that she gave me an opportunity to express myself in the topics she requested [for an article]. I wish I would have met Lisa when I was looking for someone to build me a resume. People, she's got savvy, moxy, class, along with a business mind. If you are connected with Lisa, then you are very fortunate to have this woman in your contacts.
I will always give Lisa high recommendations.”

Deri Collingwood, Event Planning/Public Relations Professional
“Lisa absolutely amazes me! I must first mention that she has a great personality and made this work fun! She is very empathetic to those of us who come to her frustrated with the economy and our fledging job search. As a former HR professional she is more knowledgeable about the current job market and what it takes to get recognized amongst such daunting competition. I have never met anyone so knowledgeable about job searching in general and this includes copious amounts of head-hunters that I have visited.
Additionally, she is creative and smart! My resume and cover letters have a fresh, professional, polished, unique appearance and they are tailored perfectly to target the job descriptions I provided her with. Every document Lisa produces is customizable. The next time I come across a job description that I am excited to apply to, I will be able to send my resume to the company promptly because Lisa has created a resume that allows me to make important modifications quickly.
She taught me what elements of my work history are most important to feature on my resume. I also learned the importance of word choice in my documents and what happens to my resume and cover letter when they reach both human and automated HR screeners.
By using Skype we were able to maximize our time together. I had never used Skype before and was a little apprehensive because I thought I needed a camera and it would cost me to get the software. That is not the case-if I had a camera I could have used that feature but our meeting was visually productive without one. I was able to sign up for the service free. From Virginia I could see the documents she opened on her screen in Minnesota. Lisa could highlight sentences and she literally showed me how to customize my resume and letters.
After a 30 minute consultation with her I was relieved, invigorated, and confident. And to be frank, I was not broke! She is very affordable; in fact, I placed an order for additional time with her because there is just so much more that I can learn from her.”

Marc Marechal, Senior-Level Automotive Markets Professional
“Lisa was recommended to me by a friend of mine who moved from Belgium to Canada a few months ago and has since landed a great job. As I am a senior-level professional in a small, specialized niche area, I wanted to be sure I had a sound search strategy and excellent materials to support it. With Lisa’s expert assistance, I have launched a full-scale job search. She polished my resume and cover letter and made them more effective, got me started with LinkedIn, and coached me through phone consults. As a result, I’ve already made excellent contacts and landed informational interviews. Lisa is punctual, trustworthy, generous with her time and expertise, and the quality of her work is excellent. I highly recommend her services.”

Morris Abell, Senior-Level Sales Executive
“I hired Lisa to rework my resume and my LinkedIn profile, and was very happy with the results. I liked working with Lisa because I found her to be very professional, and able to quickly assist me with my many questions about format, wording and tone. More importantly, I am recommending Lisa's service because it has allowed me to stop focusing on all the time consuming and worrisome details of a resume, and to start concentrating more time on finding and applying for positions I am interested in. Thanks for doing a great job.”

Shawn Olsen, Executive Director
"Lisa did a great job structuring and writing my resume. Although, I have extensive experience writing my own resume, Lisa was able to fine tune it and position my strengths in a way that I wasn't able to. I found Lisa was great to work with and her services were very valuable."


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