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Lisa's Latest Project

You are a skilled nurse.  You CARE, you BELIEVE.  And while you have the greater good in mind you also have career advancement in your sights.  Take it!  You have invested energy and intelligence toward your career preparation and advancement. But perhaps you sense something is missing, or you are encountering roadblocks to career success. You may not be sure how to break through these barriers and fully realize your goals and dreams.  This strategic guide is dedicated to nurses and those who love them. Jump into this step-by-step guide and realize that your understanding of the job search process increases with every page. Appreciate the a-ha! moments and active self-coaching reflections in every chapter. Grab a pen and start jotting your fresh, new ideas in the margins. A new, crystal clear job search and career development strategy plan will emerge before your eyes.  Success starts NOW!

Praise for "Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job"

"This book is an absolute must read for any nurse in search of their dream job. Lisa doesn't provide just standard job seeking advice; she gets into the reader's mind and forces the reader to analyze oneself and one's potential as a nurse. This book takes an in depth look at what is needed to set yourself apart from the competition to find a rewarding job and career for life." 
~Vesper Patrick, Content Manager, NurseTogether.com

“I truly enjoyed the book and found it to be the most comprehensive A-Z reference for novice and experienced nurses seeking new positions. Every concept and possible scenario is addressed and covered, providing readers with an ultimate guide for conducting their job search, preparing for interviews, and eventually landing their ideal job.”
~Denise J. Scholz, BSN, RN
San Francisco Bay Area, California

“This is a powerful book! At a time when nurses are struggling to find jobs, Thomas brings all the right advice to the table. She spells everything out in great detail, not just what to do, but why and how. Nothing is left to chance. There’s something here for nurses in any stage of their career. I plan to recommend it to all my nursing clients.”
~Susan Speetzen, MS
Career Consultant
Fairview Health Services
St. Paul, Minnesota

“Lisa Mauri Thomas uses her knowledge of human behavior to help nurses introspect before and during job search and career development. The book is a procedure manual for nurses who are interested in landing the perfect nursing job. It provides solutions to some of the struggles new nurses and seasoned nurses encounter during career development. This book is a must-have for all nurses.”
~Beverley Powell Morgan, MSN, RN
Immunization Coordinator
Delray Beach Health Department, Florida

“This book is for nurses in any stage of their career who are looking to land a perfect job. Find out how to use networking skills, polish off your resume, and achieve success in that interview. Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job is an easy read with great insight on setting realistic goals for your successful career in nursing.”
~Julie Jones, MS, RN
Chair of the Global Technology & Innovation Taskforce of STTI
VSN Foundation President
Co-Leader for Vermont Nursing Informatics

“In Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job, Lisa Mauri Thomas provides all generations with an enlightening and logical guide to assist in transforming and transporting nurses to their destination career. From supportive self-discovery to networking and reframing the nursing world as they know it, Thomas sets the course for nurses to advance through life-expanding career choices. She thoughtfully provokes nurses to dispose of career-seeking myths and focus on positive attributes that exemplify personal expertise and marketability for successful career planning.”
~Jennifer L. Embree, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CCNS
Visiting Assistant Professor
Indiana University School of Nursing-IUPUI

“Thomas presents a well-organized, informative, and specific guide, with easy-to-understand concepts and worksheets to supplement the text. This fresh approach of viewing a job search as a career development process is applicable to all stages of a nurse’s career, from a graduate nurse’s first position through the experienced nurse with advanced degrees transitioning into new areas of responsibilities.”
~Tamara Lynn Wardell, MSN, RN
PhD candidate, Duquesne University School of Nursing

“Lisa Mauri Thomas, while not losing sight of the art and science of the profession, guides novice and expert nurses through the journey of finding their place in the profession. This step-by-step guide offers explanation while incorporating a workable and reasonable timeline in securing the ideal situation. This publication is a must-have not only for the new graduate, but for the veteran nurse still trying to find her way.”
~Christy M. Fain, MSN/Ed, RN
Nurse Educator

“This book is a great resource for nurses beginning, advancing, or just wanting to improve their professional status in nursing. Thomas provides the tools for nurses to demonstrate their professional skills both on paper and in person. The realistic approach to searching for and landing that perfect job makes this a must-read to become a front runner in the job market today. Coupling the roadmap to success with self-reflection exercises is a win-win for any nurse wanting to exemplify the professionalism of nursing leaders guiding us into the future of nursing.”
~Glenda M. Feild, MS, RN
PhD Student
University of Tennessee

“Whether a new grad seeking that first job or a seasoned professional looking for a change, this book is essential for your toolbox. Thomas has it all: self-exploration, networking, even a little homework as some of the many elements that come together to help you reach your goal.”
~Pamela J. Miller
Retired LPN


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